The Highways & Construction Training Association is committed to equality of opportunity in training and assessment and to the removal of any barrier which might prevent any person from achieving their full potential. This commitment applies to all, regardless of gender, age, racial origin, nationality, creed, sexual orientation, marital status employment status or any disability.


The Highways & Construction Training Association seeks to ensure the following:

  • the training and assessment services offered by its members allow for the widest diversity of candidates
  • the entry criteria, content and demand of training and assessment programmes offered by its members are non-discriminatory and are appropriate to the knowledge and skills specified
  • members and their staff are sensitive to the special needs of those with disabilities or particular training or assessment requirements and provide any necessary support for their learning to the extent that this does not contravene legislation or the requirements of any awarding body
  • advice provided by members to candidates and employers on training and assessment programmes and on qualifications available to them is reliable and impartial
  • where requested, members will provide fair and accurate reports on candidates progress
  • members will operate effective appeals procedures of which candidates will be made aware.


In order to achieve the successful implementation of this policy the Highways & Construction Training Association will:

  • issue this policy statement to all its members

Thus ensuring this policy forms an integral part of any training or assessment programme developed by it for promotion by its members.